20 Jul

4 Internal Threats Every Business Owner Should Understand

In light of all the data leaks and vulnerabilities that have been brought to light over the past few years, network security has to be a priority for every business. One problem many organizations have is that while they are protecting their network and infrastructure from threats outside their company, the real threats are actually coming from inside. Today, well look at four ways threats can cause havoc from inside your organization. Read more »

17 Jul

Spire IT and Sage Intacct are Partners in Your Success

Spire IT and Sage Intacct are Partners in Your Success

When Charles Dickens wrote “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times” he could have been talking about running a business in 2018. Decision makers have new markets, exciting innovations, and disruptive ideas to explore. But, at the same time, they also have to contend with cutthroat competitors, new regulations, and widespread uncertainty. With so much riding on today and tomorrow, business are wisely looking for partners to provide strategies and solutions. Read on to learn why so many of them are partnering with Spire IT and Sage Intacct.

Read more »

16 Jul

Amazon’s Alexa Is Entering the Workplace

Amazon’s Alexa Is Entering the Workplace | Spire IT

Every business executive wants an office assistant that can help with the everyday “grunt work.” These office assistants handle a lot of work that the busy business owner simply doesn’t have time for. Unfortunately, small businesses are working with a limited budget, making the odds of affording extra help slim to none. Can Amazon’s Alexa offer an alternative to this dilemma? Read more »

10 Jul

It’s Not Hard to Find Value in Managed Services

Its important to think about how your organization manages its technology, especially in a world where businesses depend heavily on critical software and hardware solutions to stay functioning. Granted, getting the technology assistance you need can be difficult with a limited budget and workforce. Managed services can be a great alternative to your organization hiring and managing its own IT department, and they can even be used to augment your current IT administrators. Read more »

06 Jul

Wireless Charging Just Got an Upgrade… But is That Good?

Wireless Charging Just Got an Upgrade… But is That Good? | Spire IT

Wireless charging seems to be a perfect idea – imagine if someday, our devices would never run out of charge? This may be why such aggressive progress has been made toward building a better battery charger. However, not everyone is convinced that wireless charging will have the effects that are desired of it. Read more »

05 Jul

What Can We Reasonably Expect the Workplace of the Future to Look Like?

It’s not unusual for people to try and predict what the future will look like, but too many times when people try and predict what will happen in the future, the reality of what is happening today isn’t taken into account. Imagining the workplace (and workforce) of the future requires we look at where we are today, the pace of change, and what changes are expected. It may not go the way you envision, but the more empirical data you use to model what the future looks like, the less disappointed you’ll be when your imaginary benchmarks aren’t met. Read more »

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